Ethan Tira-Thompson

Once upon a time I was a Ph.D. candidate at the Robotics Institue at Carnegie Mellon University.  My thesis concentrated on motion and manipulation, particularly relating to non-prehensile and mobile manipulation.

My main research platform was the Tekkotsu robotics framework, on which I was the lead developer.  This software was originally developed for the venerable Aibo robot, but since Sony decided to scrap their robotics division and is no longer making these wonderful machines, we now find ourselves in the process of porting the software to a variety of alternative platforms while maintaining compatibility with the beloved Aibo.

My advisor and I developed a high-level robotics programming course (15-494 Cognitive Robotics) which was taught at CMU Spring 2006 and 2007, building on Tekkotsu and the Aibo.  We have received grants to disseminate this curriculum to other colleges and universities, which included the funding to develop new hardware platforms for the educational market.

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